Traveling with contact lenses | 7 Tips for cleaning & storing

The liberating convenience of contact lenses adapting to lifestyle demands has been transformative. And when it comes to traveling, contact lenses - and accompanying solutions - have positively impacted the experience. But as with most eye-care-related routines, there are a few dos and don'ts to note when traveling with contacts. 

If you are ready to explore the world through contact lenses (and your fashionable sidekick sunglasses), then we have the breakdown of proper contact lens hygiene and maintenance while you travel; helping you avoid unnecessary eye infections and discomfort. 

proper contact lens hygiene and maintenance while you travel

Before we wish you ‘bon voyage’, take note of these valuable industry-endorsed tips for cleaning and storing your contacts with the right solution while traveling. 

#1 Choose the right travel kit

As part of your travel packing list, including a compact and portable contact lens care kit is crucial. Look for travel-sized containers for your contact lens solution, a small bottle of saline drops, a lens case, and a travel-sized bottle of multipurpose solution if you use it. Choose products that meet airline regulations for carry-on liquids to avoid any issues during security checks.

Look for travel-sized containers for your contact lens solution

Not sure of the differences between contact lens solution, saline solution and multipurpose solution? We have simplified it for you.

#2 Opt for a multipurpose solution

Speaking of multipurpose contact lens solutions, they are fantastic and convenient travel companions. As an all-in-one option, they clean, disinfect, rinse, and store your contacts. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for proper usage. When using a multipurpose solution, always discard any remaining solution in the case before refilling it to ensure optimal cleanliness.

#3 Pack extra (contact lens) supplies

Life happens, so we advise a ‘boy scout’ philosophy and suggest you pack extra contact lenses, a spare lens case, and an extra bottle of contact lens solution in case of emergencies or unexpected travel delays. Having backups ensures that you can replace your lenses or solution if needed, even if you're far from home or unable to access a store that stocks the right solutions. (This is particularly important if you have sensitive eyes and cannot just use any product). 

#4 Don’t skip your regular eye-care routine

Travel has a way of throwing habits and routines into disarray. Sustaining and maintaining good eye care hygiene practices while handling your contact lenses is essential, especially when traveling. 

This includes the basics: 

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching your contacts, and 
  • Avoid using tap water to rinse or store your lenses, as it can contain harmful microorganisms that may cause eye infections.

#5 Carry preservative-free saline drops

Air travel, jetting off to different climates or spending extended periods in dry environments can cause discomfort for contact lens wearers. Carry a preservative-free saline solution - a simple saltwater solution that is pH balanced -  to keep your eyes moist and comfortable throughout the day and to rinse your lenses before reinserting them. Make sure the drops are compatible with your contact lenses and won't cause any adverse reactions.

#6 Clean and replace your lens case regularly

Your contact lens case can harbor bacteria and fungi if not regularly and properly cleaned and replaced. While traveling, rinse your lens case with a fresh contact lens solution every time you store your lenses and allow it to air dry. (Consider replacing your lens case every few months to maintain optimal hygiene).

#7 Follow airline regulations

If you're traveling by plane, familiarize yourself with airline regulations regarding carrying liquids in your carry-on luggage. Most airlines allow small bottles of contact lens solution in carry-on bags as long as they comply with the maximum liquid volume restrictions.

Traveling with contact lenses may require a few extra checklist responsibilities, but with the right preparation and care, the convenience translates to a more enjoyable travel experience. 

These 7 tips for cleaning and storing your contacts with the appropriate solutions, ensure clear vision and help you maintain good eye health while exploring new destinations. 

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