Sensitive eyes? The best contact lens solution for delicate eyes and allergies

Do you struggle with dry, irritated, allergy-prone and sensitive eyes? Wearing contact lenses can exacerbate an already uncomfortable situation as you pursue improved vision. Since contact lenses are essentially pieces of plastic that cover your cornea, limiting the flow of oxygen to your eye, contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes must seek out a hypoallergenic contact lens solution that promotes comfort.

What is the reason for eye irritation amongst contact lens wearers and what contact lens solution can help alleviate the problem? 

The source of eye sensitivity

It’s important to be able to identify the main cause of eye irritation before seeking to resolve it. 

Let’s outline 4 common reasons why contact lens wearers experience irritation:

#1 Incorrect lens prescription

If you need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, it is essential to undergo regular eye examinations to ensure that your prescriptions are updated to match your current eye requirements. 

Extending the wear on an outdated contact lens can put additional strain on your eyes, resulting in blurred vision and contributing to sensitivity. 

Wearing contact lenses that fit poorly is often the cause of additional irritation, redness and discomfort. You must ensure that your optometrist has fitted you with the correct lenses to match your eyes to rule out this as a possible cause of the underlying irritation. 

#2 Poor hygiene practices

There are several unhygienic practices that can result in painful eyes. Some include:

  • Not washing your hands before inserting or removing your contact lenses
  • Extending the usage of expired contact lenses
  • Failing to rinse your contact lenses regularly using a sterile saline solution
  • Neglecting the regular replacement of the contact lens solution in which your lenses are stored. 

#3 Allergic reaction to a contact lens solution

Certain individuals may develop a reaction to components within the contact lens solution such as preservatives or disinfectants. This may manifest as redness, itching or swelling, contributing to general eye sensitivity. 

A woman places a contact lens into her eye

#4 Environmental factors

External pollutants or allergens - including smoke, pollen, dry air and pet hair - may increase the likelihood of eye sensitivity among contact lens wearers. These environmental elements may interact with the contact lenses resulting in irritation and discomfort.

Your ‘solution’ = Aqua Naina contact lens solutions

The best defense against eye irritation and sensitivity is the purchase of a trusted contact lens solution for storing your lenses plus a sterile saline solution for rinsing lenses on a regular basis. The Aqua Naina range is designed to suit soft hydrophilic lens wearers with sensitive eyes. 

Let’s unpack the benefits of these two essential products:

Aqua Naina multipurpose contact lens solution

  • Meticulously formulated to rinse, cleanse, disinfect and store lenses effectively

  • Works to remove protein deposits daily, ensuring lenses remain clean and comfortable for extended wear

  • Contains no harmful chemicals

  • Ideal for sensitive eyes

  • Free from substances including thimerosal and chlorhexidine that can create reactions

A woman gets ready to insert a contact lens into her eye

Aqua Naina sterile saline solution

  • Preservative-free saline formulation eliminates the risk of allergic reactions and irritation

  • Crafted with precision and care to ensure optimal hygiene and comfort

  • Balanced to the same pH as your eye’s natural tears to provide a seamless, gentle cleansing experience

  • No nozzles or propellants

  • FDA 510 (K) approved, lab-tested and verified

  • Fast rub cleansing for your convenience

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