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Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution


Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution: Your Premium Eye Care Choice

Experience a breakthrough in eye care with Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution. Our PRESERVATIVE FREE formula offers a safe and convenient cleaning option for contact lens wearers. Crafted with precision and care, our solution ensures optimal hygiene and comfort, reflecting our dedication to providing the best in eye care.

What Sets Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution Apart?

  • Preservative-Free Perfection: Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution is PRESERVATIVE FREE, ensuring that you experience optimal safety and comfort. Unlike solutions containing preservatives, our formula eliminates the risk of allergic reactions and irritation, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive eyes. This emphasis on purity underscores our dedication to your eye health.

  • Balanced to Perfection: Balanced to the same pH as your eye’s natural tears, Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution provides a seamless and gentle cleansing experience. By mimicking the natural composition of tears, our solution ensures effective cleaning without irritation, guaranteeing your lenses remain clear, comfortable, and safe for extended wear.

Understanding Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution

Ingredients of Saline Solution: Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution is crafted using a blend of Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Boric Acid, and Sodium Borate. These ingredients are meticulously combined to create an isotonic saline solution, mirroring the natural properties of your tears. This balanced formulation guarantees gentle and effective cleaning, removing dirt, oils, and residues from your lenses.

How to Store Saline Solution After Opening: After breaking the tamper-evident seal, it's crucial to store Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. To maintain its effectiveness, always secure the cap tightly to prevent contamination. Remember to check the expiration date and discard any unused solution after the recommended period.

Your Questions Answered: Is Contact Solution the Same as Saline Solution?

While both contact solution and saline solution share sodium chloride as a base ingredient, not all contact solutions are purely saline. Some contact solutions incorporate additional cleaning agents and preservatives for disinfection purposes. Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution stands apart as a pure, PRESERVATIVE FREE isotonic saline solution, emphasizing gentle rinsing and unparalleled comfort.

Taking Care of Your Eyes: A Comprehensive Guide

  1. Preventing Eye Infections: Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution plays a crucial role in preventing eye infections by effectively removing dirt and oils from your lenses. Regular use ensures your lenses stay clear and your eyes remain healthy.

  2. Proper Usage: It's imperative never to reuse the solution in your lens case. Discard any leftover solution after each use, and never "top-off" the solution in your lens case. Maintaining hygiene during lens handling is vital; always wash and rinse your hands before touching your lenses.

  3. Storage and Expiry: Store Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution at room temperature and ensure you use it before the expiration date stamped on the bottle and carton. After opening, discard the bottle and contents thirty (30) days later. Keeping a record of the opening date helps you track its freshness.

Experience the Aqua Naina Difference: Your Eye Care Journey Starts Here

In summary, Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution isn’t just a solution; it’s a commitment to your eye care. With its PRESERVATIVE FREE formulation, convenient premixed supply, and gentle yet effective cleaning properties, it guarantees a worry-free and refreshing lens-wearing experience. Choosing Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution isn’t merely choosing a product; it’s choosing optimal eye care, unmatched convenience, and the peace of mind you deserve.

Make the Aqua Naina difference a part of your daily eye care routine. Trust in the purity, efficacy, and dedication that define Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution, and experience the world of eye care like never before. Your vision deserves the best; choose Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution today.

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