The science behind saline solution & its benefits

Contact lenses are a popular and affordable choice for many individuals seeking an alternative to eyeglasses. But committing to proper care of these tiny optical wonders is not quite as simple as using a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt from your grubby glasses. Ensuring the longevity of your contact lenses and optimal eye health while wearing them is crucial. So what is saline solution and what role does it play in contact lens care?

Let’s delve into the basic science behind saline solution for contact lenses to uncover the beauty of its composition and function:

What is saline solution?

Saline solution for contact lenses is a simple, pH-balanced saltwater solution containing approximately 0.9% salt. It is used to mimic the natural composition of tears, making it safe and gentle on the eyes. 

How does saline solution differ from contact lens solution?

While we do have an entire blog dedicated to answering this question, let’s unpack the basics below to alleviate any confusion when traversing the pharmacy shelves or searching online stores:

Multipurpose contact lens solution is used to cleanse, disinfect, rinse and store contact lenses. This solution may or may not contain saline.

While saline solution for contact lenses is safe to insert directly into the eye, contact lens solution is not. Multipurpose contact lens solution contains chemical substances such as hydrogen peroxide that may cause eye irritation, redness, inflammation and permanent eye damage if inserted directly into the eye.

When used in harmony, saline solution and contact lens solution become the ‘power couple’ of contact lens care. But they cannot be used interchangeably. 

A person uses their finger to remove a contact lens from its case

What is the function of saline solution? 

  • To rinse off any excess debris or particles from your lenses, making them safe to insert into your eyes

  • To cleanse an eyelid with a stye or other condition

  • To flush an unwanted object or particle out of your eye

  • To reduce eye redness

  • To aid in the removal of contact lenses if they appear to be stuck

  • To moisten contact lenses, reducing the risk of dryness and related discomfort and irritation

The do’s and don’ts of saline solution

  • DO use saline solution to rinse your contacts after cleaning

  • DON’T use saline solution for storing your contact lenses

  • DON’T use saline solution to clean your contact lenses.

Aqua Naina Sterile Saline Solution - the best in contact lens care

While there are a myriad of options available when conducting an online or in-store search for a saline solution for contact lenses, very few tick all the boxes in optimising eye health. Let’s unpack just a few benefits of Aqua Naina Sterline Saline Solution:

  • It’s a preservative-free, sterile buffered isotonic saline solution, recommended for sensitive eyes
  • Provides a safe and convenient multiple-day supply of saline solution for rinsing contact lenses after cleansing
  • Ensures a worry-free and refreshing wearing experience
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Includes no nozzles or propellants
  • It is FDA-approved, lab-tested and certified
  • Ensures a fast, no-rub rinsing experience
  • Its easy-to-squeeze bottle is designed to minimise hassle and fuss.

Multipurpose contact lens solution is dripped into a contact lens case

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