What's the difference between contact lens solution & saline solution?

Millions of individuals experience seasonal or chronic eye sensitivity, while many rely on contact lenses for clearer vision. Consequently, the market catering to these demographics is fiercely competitive and inundated. When confronted with numerous eye care options at the drugstore, all touting similar claims, distinguishing between saline and contact lens solutions becomes perplexing. Are they uniformly effective, or does their distinction boil down solely to price?

If you do wear contact lenses or suffer from eye-related issues, caring for your eyes (and your contact lenses) requires some specific daily routines. Contact lens solution and saline solution are both required but for different purposes and are not interchangeable.

General eye care

As sensory organs, our eyes require sensitive care. From seasonal allergies to various environmental and lifestyle factors which cause itchy, burning or dry eyes, a sterile saline solution steps in as a staple eye product and is safe for daily use. 

Saline solution for eye care

#1 Composition of saline solution: 

Saline eye solution - aka sterile saline - contains purified water with a balanced concentration of salt (NaCl) that closely resembles your natural eye fluids. (Makes sense that tears taste salty). Primarily used for rinsing and irrigating eyes, it is recommended for its soothing effect and for providing relief from dryness, discomfort or irritation from foreign particles. 

#2 Advantages of saline solution 

When experiencing dryness or debris in your eyes, opt for saline eye solution. It effectively flushes and moisturizes the eyes, reducing discomfort and aiding in healing while ensuring hygienic care.

General contact lens care

Contact lenses sit directly on the cornea and are prone to naturally produced oil, skin cells, microorganisms and makeup accumulating on them. That makes the cleansing, disinfecting and storage of contact lenses essential for good eye health. 

Contact lens solution & daily eye care

#1 Composition of contact lens solution: 

Contact lens solutions are commercially produced by a variety of brands and are specifically formulated chemical solutions for cleaning, disinfecting, removing proteins, and hydrating and storing contact lenses. 

At Oculus Curae, we have a couple of options to choose from:

  • Aqua Naina Multipurpose Solution - ideal for sensitive eyes and safe for soft lenses - contains no harmful chemicals and is free of Thimerosal (a mercury-containing antiseptic) and Chlorhexidine (an antimicrobial with common side effects of calculus buildup and staining). 

Please note: Under no circumstances should you use contact solution as eye drops.

  • Aqua Naina sterile saline solution is a preservative-free buffered isotonic solution and certified sterile with FA 510(k) approval. Its pH balance matches the eye's natural tears and is recommended for sensitive eyes. It is used for rinsing your contact lenses after cleaning them with a contact lens solution.  

Please note: a saline eye solution does not disinfect contact lenses. It is only for rinsing and hydrating lenses. 

#2 Advantages of contact lens solution: 

Contact solutions are specially designed as cleaning and disinfecting agents to remove debris, and protein deposits and kill bacteria and microorganisms that may adhere to contact lenses. This daily routine maintains lens clarity and reduces the risk of eye infections. They also hydrate the lenses, preventing eye discomfort. 

Oculus Curae 

Latin for ‘eye care,’ Oculus Curae is committed to offering the finest lens care and eye care products, and premium eye-care supplements at affordable prices. All of our products are designed to assist our eye care customers and match their lifestyle needs. 

We are not medical practitioners, optometrists or ophthalmologists, so if you have specific questions about your eyes, we advise you to contact an eye-care professional. 

But where we do step in with industry confidence is to assure you that our Aqua Naina brand is FDA-approved and we work with certified world-class manufacturers in Canada and The Netherlands. (All material safety data sheets and testing reports are available on request). 

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